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Highlights from euROBIN Week 2023 in Seville

Highlights from euROBIN Week 2023 in Seville


Last week, the University of Seville hosted a very special event as the euROBIN Network of Excellence organized an entire week dedicated to robotics. In this recap, we will delve into the most important highlights of the event, providing a glimpse into the key moments, along with a gallery of photos, articles, and videos made throughout the week.


From May 15 to 19, more than 150 participants from the 31 euROBIN partners institutions belonging to 14 different countries came together in Seville (Spain) to join this unique event in Europe. First of all, we would like to thank all of you who have come, in addition to the University of Seville, the ETSI school and the GRVC research group for hosting us. We have compiled this gallery of photos capturing the event's highlights, articles offering in-depth analysis on key topics of the project, and videos that provide a glimpse into the bests moments and technologies showcased during the event. Explore our media gallery to further immerse yourself in the realm of robotics! You can also read the latest articles about the event here:



During the hole week, we had the hackathons as preparation for the cooperative competitions, to take first steps towards the EuroCore, our joint code and data repository, as well as a broad workshop and tutorial program for advancing our scientific work. Also, we organized different scientific activities, including keynotes, workshops and tutorials on the four euROBIN core topics (InterAct, Learn, Know, and Human-Centered). 


The entire event has been covered live through our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. In addition, we had the opportunity to interview some robotics innovative leaders present at the euROBIN Week. Explore the euROBIN Network of Excellence as we chat with Aude Billard, Anibal Ollero, Alin Albu-Schäffer and Bruno Siciliano exclusively for our YouTube channel.


Day 1


euROBIN team at #eurobinweek2023


euROBIN team at #eurobinweek2023


Day 2

Preparing hackatons at #eurobinweek2023


Preparing hackatons at #eurobinweek2023


Day 3

Swiss Smile robot at #eurobinweek2023


Serena Ivaldi giving an interview for ABC at #eurobinweek2023



Day 4

Working on a collaborative operation at #eurobinweek2023



Centauro robot at #eurobinweek2023


Day 5

euROBIN robot team at #eurobinweek2023


euROBIN team at #eurobinweek2023


The euROBIN Week 2023 in Sevilla proved to be a remarkable event, bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and innovators to celebrate and explore the forefront of robotics. With groundbreaking technologies, insightful discussions, and fruitful collaborations, the event left an indelible mark on the participants, inspiring them to continue pushing the boundaries of what robots can achieve. Thank you all and see you soon!