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Knowledge Representation and Simulation Capabilities in the euROBIN Network - WP Know


Introducing the latest advancements and innovations within the euROBIN network, our leader of the Work Package Know (WP Know) offers insights into the developments and novel approaches shaping the future of knowledge representation and simulation capabilities. Read on to discover the forefront of technological progress in robotics and related domains.


Consortium Collaboration | WP1 Collection Github Repository


Join us in shaping the future of industrial automation with your insights! In a significant stride towards revolutionizing industrial processes, euROBIN Work Package 1 is actively seeking contributions from members and the public to enhance their Internet-Connected Task Board. The collaboration has already seen notable contributions from esteemed organizations such as Fraunhofer IPA and Tecnalia, with more expected to follow suit.


AGIMUS Winter School 2023: Highlights by Vladimír Petrík


During the AGIMUS Winter School from December 11-15, 2023, euROBIN was represented by our colleage, Vladimír Petrík. In this article, we'll provide a recap of our contributions to the event.