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Consortium Collaboration | WP1 Collection Github Repository

Consortium Collaboration | WP1 Collection Github Repository


Join us in shaping the future of industrial automation with your insights! In a significant stride towards revolutionizing industrial processes, euROBIN Work Package 1 is actively seeking contributions from members and the public to enhance their Internet-Connected Task Board. The collaboration has already seen notable contributions from esteemed organizations such as Fraunhofer IPA and Tecnalia, with more expected to follow suit.


A Glimpse into the Progress

The heart of this initiative lies in the development of an Internet-Connected Task Board, serving as a common demonstrator for robot skills. Currently, 12 task boards have been distributed among euROBIN members, complete with dedicated web dashboards. The outcome has been remarkable, with a staggering 177 trial demonstrations recorded to date.


Designing the Future: Your Chance to Contribute

The Consortium is actively gearing up for the creation of a new version of the task board. Here's where you come in - euROBIN invites its members, affiliates, and the wider public to participate in the process by contributing ideas through a survey.


Contribute your ideas now to help shape the next iteration of the task board. The survey takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, offering an opportunity to share your vision for the future of industrial automation. We extend an invitation to share tasks you believe robots could handle effectively. The survey prompts participants to describe the challenges associated with the task, articulate why it's best suited for robots, and propose metrics for measuring task success.


Take the survey here


Mapping Industrial Automation Needs

As part of the broader initiative, euROBIN Work Package 1 members are collecting real-world processes and use cases that stand to benefit immensely from automation. The insights gathered will inform the design of new task boards, ensuring their applicability to the challenges faced by operators and society.


Your insights matter, and together, we can pave the way for a future where automation optimizes industrial processes for the benefit of all. This collaborative effort is part of the euROBIN project.


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