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Do you know DAVID?

Do you know DAVID?


DAVID is a robust humanoid with dexterous manipulation skills.

He has the size of an adult human, an speed comparable to humans, a working environment similar to that of humans, and a weight of approx. 55 kg. Its humanoid shape should enable intuitive operation and programming. All joints of the fingers can be controlled individually and thus give the system an extraordinarily high dexterity.



David currently has two arms, a torso, a neck, and a head. It is continuously expanded into a complete humanoid robot and shall be employed in an environment suitable for humans. For this the robot should resemble a human as much as possible in terms of size, strength, and flexibility.

David’s mechatronic concept is based on powerful and efficient brushless dc motors combined with highly integrated power and digital electronics. The high-performance hands are slim and light.




David uses computer vision, tactile sensing, and proprioception to perceive its environment and itself. During operation, all this information is fused to continuously estimate the location of David and relevant objects. Based on that data, David is able to perform complex manipulation tasks while dynamically reacting to changes. 

Fortunately, we will have the opportunity to see David and his robotic fellows interact at the #ERF24. An opportunity not to waste. If you can’t wait because curiosity kills you, check out this booklet about David with much more information.


See you there! David will be waiting for you! 🤖