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Insigths from Robotics4EU webinar: Policy Priorities for a Responsible Future

On the 26th of June 2023, Robotics4EU organized the webinar "Enhancing responsible robotics development and societal acceptance: what should policy priorities focus on?". The event brought together experts in robotics, ethics, law, and society to discuss the important considerations surrounding responsible robotics. 

euROBIN CALL for Scientific Workshops


As a partner in the euROBIN project, you have the unique opportunity to organize a workshop that relates to the project's key topics. Through this open call, you can apply for financial support to cover the expenses associated with hosting the workshop.


euROBIN CALL for Summer Schools Organization


This initiative provides an opportunity for institutions within the euROBIN consortium to receive funding and organize summer schools focused on topics related to the euROBIN project, as well as cognitively-enabled transferable embodied AI.