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Features and progress of the euROBIN Work Package 5


The work in WP5 is focused on developing, implementing and assessing learning based methods to support the application work packages with methods that can encode various types of sensory data and provide both low and high-level decision making in real-time.  


How to unlock the full potential of your company: European funding & Open Calls


Antonio Salvador, from FundingBox, tell us how to unlock the full potencial of your company thanks to EU. The European Union (EU) has long been a pioneer in promoting and supporting the technological development of its member countries. Through a variety of funding initiatives, open calls for proposals, and other support mechanisms, the EU has enabled European companies to become world leaders in innovation, research and development, and technological advancement.


Prof. Bram Vanderborght explains how robots and people interact


Prof. Bram Vanderborght (Brubotics, Vrije Universiteit Brussel & imec.) explains how robots and people interact. As professor Rodney Brooks stated: “How robots and people interact is going to be crucial for a successful world.” The EURobin science domain “Interact” deals with safe, energy-efficient and effective physical interaction with the world, which is fundamentally different from agents in the digital world, since physical robots have much more potential to cause significant physical harm and damage.