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euROBIN CALL for Brain Magnet Program

euROBIN CALL for Brain Magnet Program


This program offers a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange within our consortium by facilitating the transfer of methodology and technology to at least two robotic systems of euROBIN consortium partners.



The euROBIN Brain Magnet Program is a travelling and exchange program designed to promote the transfer of methodology and technology among our consortium partners. It aims to foster scientific activities, testing, and benchmarking of developed methodologies, while also providing a platform for visiting fellows to organize lectures and tutorials with distinguished academics and industry professionals.



  • Visiting PhD Students, Postdocs, and Young Researchers: We welcome applications from talented individuals from institutions other than the applying partners. These participants will contribute to euROBIN's scientific activities, test and benchmark methodologies, and actively participate in challenges.

  • Visiting Fellows: Distinguished individuals from other institutions are invited to join us as visiting fellows. They will have the opportunity to organize lectures, tutorials, and discussions on subjects of interest, contributing to a deeper understanding of key areas within the field of robotics.



The Brain Magnet Program will provide funding for the following participants:

  • 5 PhD/Post Doc Students for 6 months: Each student will receive a monthly stipend of 1.2k€.
  • 5 Fellows for 6 months: Each fellow will receive a monthly stipend of 2k€.



From the 1st of April 2023 to the 31st of October 2023, all euROBIN partners will have the chance to apply to the Brain Magnet Programme. Please note that the hosting institutions must be members of the euROBIN consortium, while visiting students, researchers, and fellows can be from any institution except the hosting ones.


Application process for Visiting PhD and young researchers:

  • Prepare a description of a scientific research topic of interest with the available platform/device on which the developed methodology will be tested.
  • Send the profile of the person fulfilling the expectations and the CV of the selected person.


Application process for Visiting Fellow:

  • Prepare a description of the activities such as research collaboration topics, seminars, tutorial etc in which the Fellow will be involved.
  • Send the profile of the person fulfilling the expectations and the CV of the selected person.


You can find the application form here.



The euROBIN Brain Magnet Programme Board will evaluate the received proposals and evaluate them on the first come first served base until the maximum of 5 Visiting students and 5 Visiting Fellows per year have been achieved.

The evaluation is based on the relation of the proposal to the euROBIN scientific topics.


If you have any questions or require further information about the application process, please reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.