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Unveiling the Numbers: Our 1st AI & Robotics Open Call


In our first AI & Robotics Open Call, the figures are in, and they are worth celebrating. Our leading cascade funding partner, Funding Box, has played a pivotal role in this opportunity. Here's a closer look at the remarkable numbers:


  • Applications Received: We received a whopping 208 applications from across the AI and robotics community. This high number underscores the keen interest and potential in this domain.


  • Proposals Reviewed: Our expert team carefully evaluated 64 proposals. These submissions showcased a diverse range of creative ideas and a deep commitment to advancing AI and robotics.


  • Projects Selected: After rigorous assessment, we're proud to announce that 8 proposals have been chosen for funding and support. 


  • Projects in scope: A selective 44 proposals were deemed closely aligned with our vision and selected for support, promising significant contributions to their respective fields.


  • Funding Awarded: Each of the selected projects will receive a generous funding of 60,000€. This funding is an investment in the future of AI and robotics, showcasing our commitment to nurturing innovation.


Now the 2nd Open Call is coming! It's worth recapping the numbers of the first. Have a look: