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🤖 Robot Alter-Ego - Alter Ego Team - Participants in the euROBIN Competition - European Robotics Week 2024




From November 25 to 28, 2024, the 1st euROBIN Coopetition will take place in Nancy, France, following Humanoids 2024, the IEEE-RAS 2024 International Conference on Humanoid Robots.

euROBIN coopetitions are designed not only to test individual team capabilities but also to foster collaborative innovation by rewarding teams for both their own achievements and the successful integration of their developed modules by others. By promoting modularity, reusability, and transferability in robotic systems, euROBIN aims to advance the frontier of robotics and artificial intelligence, driving progress in diverse application domains such as robotic manufacturing, personal robotics, and outdoor robotics for sustainable communities. Hereby, with these profiles we would like to welcome you to the pioneering world of the euROBIN project, where the brightest robotic teams from across Europe converge to participate in this groundbreaking event.




An open-source mobile soft manipulation platform with two arms. It was developed to operate in different environments and is equipped with soft robotic technologies to enable safe physical interactions with humans and the environment, guarantee robustness, and allow versatility. Is a humanoid robot born in 2017 from the joint efforts of the SoftBots Lab of the Italian Institute of Technology and the Research Center “E. Piaggio” of the University of Pisa.



Alter-Ego is a two-wheeled, inverted, pendulum-type mobile base, and its upper body is anthropomorphic in terms of form factor and interaction behavior. It features two 6 Degrees-of Freedom (DoFs) arms, where each joint is actuated by a Variable Stiffness Actuator (VSA). Each arm mounts the Pisa/IIT SoftHand, an anthropomorphic (5 fingers, 19 DoFs) synergistic (1 Degree of Actuation) artificial hand. Alter-Ego’s head, with two more VSA DoFs (Pan and Tilt), hosts a double stereoscopic vision system (a ZED stereo camera2) to have good vision both indoors and outdoors. Alter-Ego integrates two mini-PCs (with Linux) into its body to manage its functionalities.