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Unveiling the Numbers: Our 1st AI & Robotics Open Call


In our first AI & Robotics Open Call, the figures are in, and they are worth celebrating. Our leading cascade funding partner, Funding Box, has played a pivotal role in this opportunity. Here's a closer look at the remarkable numbers:


euROBIN CALL for Brain Magnet Program


This program offers a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange within our consortium by facilitating the transfer of methodology and technology to at least two robotic systems of euROBIN consortium partners.


Highlights from euROBIN Week 2023 in Seville


Last week, the University of Seville hosted a very special event as the euROBIN Network of Excellence organized an entire week dedicated to robotics. In this recap, we will delve into the most important highlights of the event, providing a glimpse into the key moments, along with a gallery of photos, articles, and videos made throughout the week.