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euROBIN at Maker Faire Rome 2023: A Visual Recap


The euROBIN Network of Excellence participated in the Maker Faire Rome 2023, an exciting event that showcased the latest advancements in technology, innovation, and creativity. Held from October 20th to 22nd at Fiera di Roma, the Maker Faire brought together enthusiasts, innovators, and researchers from various fields.


Maker Faire Rome 2023, promoted and organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, proved to be a dynamic and immersive celebration of innovation. The event encapsulated a mix of technological frontiers, including digital manufacturing, the Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, the circular economy, agritech, e-sports, big data, aerospace, and the latest advancements in the metaverse and augmented reality.


We take advantage of this opportunity to present our activities and projects to a wide and diverse audience. The event allowed us to connect with many researchers interested in euROBIN! Below, you will find a selection of photos:



Thanks to everyone who attended the event, and we look forward to meeting you again at future!