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EuroCore Coopetition Service Guidebook

This guidebook aims to introduce teams to the EuroCore Coopetition Service. The testing period, scheduled from the 7th of June to the 21st of June, is meant for teams to test this service and collect feedback. As coopetition designers and developers of this service, we intend to iterate on this EuroCore Coopetition Service after the Testing Period, fixing any bugs or adding additionalfeatures teams might find relevant during the latter phase.

As explained in the Coopetition Rulebook, the EuroCore Coopetition Service is a subsystem of the EuroCore, primarily designed for the euRobin Coopetition, and thus not the EuroCore. Since the EuroCore is not yet available, the EuroCore Coopetition Service will act as the platform provider, fostering collaboration between teams and enabling software module transferability.

This service allows teams to share their software, data, and expertise, as well as provide detailed descriptions of their teams and robotic platforms. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in
orchestrating the Coopetition by systematically tracking the teams' overall performance.

Find the Guidebook here: https://www.eurobin-project.eu/images/2024/EurocoreCoopetitionService.pdf