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ICRA 2024 Workshop: Advancements in Trajectory Optimization and Model Predictive Control for Legged Systems - Second Edition

ICRA 2024 Workshop: Advancements in Trajectory Optimization and Model Predictive Control for Legged Systems - Second Edition


Robotic technology has become an invaluable asset in addressing a myriad of challenges, revolutionizing industries and everyday life. From simplifying domestic chores to performing complex industrial tasks, robots have proven their worth by enhancing efficiency and safety while reducing the risks associated with human intervention. In this context, euROBIN project's partner, ITT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia), is organizing a session at ICRA 2024 entitled "Advancements in Trajectory Optimization and Model Predictive Control for Legged Systems - Second Edition."


Despite the remarkable progress made in recent years, there are still significant hurdles to overcome, especially in adapting to ever more complex and unstructured environments. The ability of robots to navigate these environments while ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability remains a crucial focus of research and development. This workshop promises to shed light on the latest breakthroughs in control strategies that empower robots, particularly legged systems, to excel in dynamic, real-world scenarios.


Workshop Organizers


The Evolution of Robotic Capabilities

Robotic technology has come a long way, demonstrating ever-increasing levels of safety and autonomy. This progress has paved the way for robots to work alongside humans in diverse real-world applications. As robotic platforms continue to evolve and diversify, the demand for versatility and reliability becomes more pressing than ever. Robots must be equipped to overcome obstacles, plan optimal motions, and reliably execute complex tasks in different environmental conditions.


Trajectory Optimization and Optimal Control

This workshop continues to explore state-of-the-art advancements in control strategies that are behind the abilities of such robots, namely, planning and control of dynamic, whole-body motions. Pursuing the thread initiated with the first edition of this workshop, we will focus on trajectory optimization and optimal control: successful approaches that exploit the robotic systems' dynamics, particularly under-actuated ones.


Integration with Machine Learning

In addition to traditional control techniques, this second edition of the workshop delves into the integration of machine learning approaches, such as reinforcement learning and deep learning. These approaches have gained tremendous traction in the field of planning and control due to their adaptability and ability to handle complex, non-linear systems.


Comparing Approaches and Synergies

This second edition will also address links and synergies with machine learning approaches, e.g. reinforcement learning or deep learning, which are undeniably increasing their relevance and popularity for planning and control applications. Both strategies boil down to a minimization (or maximization) of a desired metric, resulting in a sequence of the most effective actions to take.


Workshop Topics

This workshop will target contributions about the application of Optimal Control and Learning techniques in the following areas:

1. Legged Loco-Manipulation

2. Offline and Online Planning and Control

3. Whole-Body Control

4. Obstacles and Environments Modeling

5. Co-design of Robot Structures

6. Algorithms and Software Tools

7. Real Robot Application


However, they are fundamentally different approaches that exhibit inherent advantages and drawbacks. How do robotic systems benefit from these methods? Which are the properties shared by the two? How to combine these strategies? These questions will be addressed, soliciting a discussion to compare ideas and solutions from the invited speakers.


List of expected speakers of the Workshop


The "Advancements in Trajectory Optimization and Model Predictive Control for Legged Systems - Second Edition" workshop at ICRA 2023 promises to be a dynamic forum for exploring the evolving landscape of robotics. As robotic platforms continue to proliferate and diversify, the quest for innovative control strategies becomes increasingly vital. This workshop serves as a beacon for researchers and practitioners to come together, exchange knowledge, and chart the course toward a future where robots seamlessly navigate complex environments, further augmenting human capabilities and improving our quality of life. Stay tuned for groundbreaking insights and solutions that will shape the future of robotics.


Tentative Schedule of the Workshop