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AGIMUS Winter School 2023: Highlights by Vladimír Petrík

AGIMUS Winter School 2023: Highlights by Vladimír Petrík


During the AGIMUS Winter School from December 11-15, 2023, euROBIN was represented by our colleage, Vladimír Petrík. In this article, we'll provide a recap of our contributions to the event.


AGIMUS Winter School Recap

Vladimír Petrík participated in the AGIMUS Winter School on behalf of euROBIN, contributing to the event through a poster session and a presentation on 6D pose estimation.





At the poster session, our colleage shared information about euROBIN Network of Excellence. He also showcased our activities at the Seville hackathon through a video. Interestingly, most questions from the audience revolved around the hackathon. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter so you don't miss anything about our hackathons! For now, you can relive the moment whenever you want in our Media Gallery or YouTube.


Presentation on 6D Pose Estimation

Vladimír Petrík's presentation focused on the application of 6D pose estimation tools developed in the Agimus on the taskboard that is co-developed/used in our Work Package 1. You can find the frame of the presentation here: 



Some details

Vladimír Petrík explained the use of the HappyPose pose estimation toolbox to implement the MegaPose pipeline, demonstrating the estimation of 6D pose from a single input image. The application of the estimated pose alongside the CAD model of the taskboard allowed for the projection of object boundaries onto the image, illustrated in green.





Our time at the AGIMUS Winter School was an opportunity to share euROBIN's work and engage with the community. We look forward to more opportunities to share and collaborate within the robotics community